maandag 22 november 2010


"In the autumn the MHKA will be holding
a solo exhibition by Craigie Horsfield,
one of the leading artists in the field of
social projects in contemporary art as we know them today.
His work has opened significant conceptions
in the thinking of community and the individual within
much of the practice of such projects.
The presentation of Horsfield’s work at the M HKA
concentrates on the tapestries the artist has been
making for several years in close cooperation with Flanders Tapestries."

I could not look close enough,
you can see that in my pictures.
When you are in Antwerp, just go!

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  1. ik ben er vorig weekend langsgeweest. Heel erg de moeite. Ik was vooral fan van de grote cirkustaferelen.