dinsdag 5 april 2011


"Fascinated by the idea of shaping a textile by the pure usage of light,
we developed 'Exposures' a photosensitive fabric based on the blueprint technique.
The 'gradient machine' is especially designed
for the production process and exposes the textile
in horizontal lines to the daylight.
These line-thickness can be adjusted.
Depending on the length of exposure, the light is captured in the material,
that is resulting in different shades of blue.
The longer exposed the darker the fabric will become,
which is not only indicated by the colour itself
but as well by the numbers representing each lines' exposure time in minutes.
After the process the textile is washed with water to be fixated.
After the first edition at the Dutch Design Week in 2009
we made new experiments. Here we tried to make different colours instead of blue.
We added pigments to the emulsion, still keeping the photosensitive reaction.
This resulted in greenish, purplish and greyish colours."


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