zaterdag 22 december 2012


The first picture is some yarn, made in Portugal that Rosa Pomar sent me by mail.
(What a nice present to get in your mailbox :-)
The following pictures are made by Rosa herself.

Rosas passion is researching traditional portuguese textiles. 

She spends a lot of her time traveling around Portugal with her husband, 
he records traditional music they learn from old weavers, spinners, shepherds.
Some of their videos are here

Retrosaria is her shop in the center of Lisbon that sells yarn, fabric, etc. 

In the last few years Rosa has tried to promote and defend portuguese wool 
by creating and selling yarns that are spun from different portuguese breed of sheep. 
Some of these yarns are still handspun in small villages 
following the same processes and using the same simple tools that have been used for centuries...
Rosa is currently finishing a book on traditional portuguese knitting.

You should also check her Flickr and Tumblr.

She's also on Instagram.
A very busy and interesting textile woman indeed...

And thanks again Rosa!

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