zondag 13 januari 2013


The New Big Project!
Building an installation for the Concertgebouw here in Bruges!

We (that's Jeffrey, my boyfriend and me) had to pick a person/event 
out of their programme as an inspiration for the installation. 
We were triggered by the work of Ryoiji Ikeda, playing 10 april in the concerthall.
The weaving will be a graphical interpretation of his work,
30 handwoven panels (40 x 40 cm)  and 50 industrial woven panels,
all just in black and white.
Three months for us to finish the weaving and making the panels and installation
(next to our regular jobs ofcourse).

Just black and white, not easy for me, 
but I like the results up till now :-)

Many thanks to the Concertgebouw and De Invasie for giving us this chance!

I will keep you posted on the evolution!

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    1. Kom je mij niet helpen? Vooral veel werk aan de weefwinkel! :-)

  2. wow ! Echt ik heb zoveel bewondering voor je !

  3. I am loving this piece, it´s size,the concept and the blacks and whites. Looking forward to see it prepared and finally installed.

    You know I was in Bruges one and half years ago and loved the town. It totally met my expectations and went beyond. Truly inspirational: the brick walls, houses, shops etc. of the old town. And the food. We stayed in very beautiful bed and breakfast place for four nights. So the basic tourist stuff I guess.. You´ve picked a great town though ;-)

  4. Congratulations and the project sounds wonderful! I look forward to seeing the finished pieces. I would love to be able to see it in real life............