zondag 23 juni 2013


Here he is! A summerscarf longing for summer!
Finally some green, not a colour I use much...
The leftover warp I'm using to prepare a surprise scarf,
first it was planned to be one for my boyfriend,
but he has to wait a little longer! :-)

Also proud of a cooperation between us (my colleagues and me at my dayjob)
and Mattia Van Severen, a graduate of the Antwerp Fashion Departement.
Do check his beautiful collection PLAYTIME,
featuring garments covered in angular patches of colourful flock.
We wove a fabric for him (if you look good on the pictures,
it's the fabric with the gradient in it!),
he used in combination with his flocked pieces.
How I would like to have one of the trousers... :-)

Ah, and some event-news:
in september once again I will participate in OEVERTURE (Ghent),
like a few years ago in this post!

PS: Tuesday we are taking down HOME. 
If anyone is still interested in buying one or more of the panels,
you can check them all on my Flickr:
Each panel costs 100 euro. Do send me an email with questions, or orders, if you are interested! :-)
We are not keeping the money to ourselves,
but more about that later...

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