maandag 19 augustus 2013


And these are the results of the time I had in the car and on the ferry,
I tried some embroidery instead of weaving for practical reasons ofcourse! :-)
(Yes, we went from Belgium to Finland by car, 
going through Germany, Denmark and Sweden...)
Other blogposts will follow,
but I can tell you Finland breathes arts and crafts.
We felt at home :-)
But I am also glad to be back,
the trip gave me tons of new energy,
by seeing the beautiful landscapes and works of lots of Finnish artists.
I brought back books and wool and ceramics and baskets and mittens
and smoked salmon too... :-)

We should travel more...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. The last car trip I went on I managed to knit a whole sock! It's too bad weaving isn't that portable, but these look beautiful.

    1. Hey Amanda!
      To me, knitting socks seems quite difficult, so I stick to (impulsive) embroidery... It's not that I had a plan, I just wanted to try the little knots. It's a fun technique, I should do it more :-)

    2. I like your little knots, they seem difficult to me! You should do more impulsive embroidery, it's very nice!