vrijdag 11 oktober 2013


Back to my summer vacation!
We drove by car to Finland, so we passed through Sweden.
In Stockholm I saw all these woven treasures
in the textile gallery of Nordiska muséet.
There you have drawers full of knitted, woven, embroidered fabrics
and many other techniques.
Needless to say I went crazy and examined every drawer in the room...

Still working on the blue scarf.
And thinking of new things to do.
Other then scarves.
Or not just scarves on demand,
but like a collection, with a story.
On my pinterest I have a board called
"One day I'll weave a coat".
That would be just great!

things have to change sometimes.
And I need change.
But I have never been a fast one,
so there's still some scarves coming up.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Such beautiful, exciting weaving samples. It's good that feeling when something is going to change

    1. Thank you Susan! Sometimes you have to make things happen. Combining two 'jobs' isn't easy, so I have to make the best out of my passion, which always comes second place. Time for some real experiment! :-)

  2. hmm...a coat would be amazing, as would a collection. change comes slowly here too.

    1. Guess we weavers aren't the speediest persons... ;-)

    2. I agree with being slow. With my decisions I tend to go back and forth too ;-)

      By the way I saw those archives a year ago and plan to go back with more time. It was when Nordiska had the "Weave" exhibition and spend hours there before finding those archives.