zaterdag 9 november 2013


Here you are.
A blue boy with a red square.

Some people who order a scarf have lots of patience.
Hm, they have to have a lot of patience.
And I want to thank them for that...
Every scarf takes the time it needs,
and sometimes other projects come along.
And then orders have to wait and wait and wait.
But I have learned not to worry about it anymore.
The day people don't wait anymore,
is the day for weaving my own scarf...

It's a question I get a lot,
in what (web)shop my scarves are for sale.
That shop does not exist. :-)
I just make them on demand, people come by to pick colours,
and I make them a piece.
But that's only for very patiented people...

And now the rain may stop.

1 opmerking:

  1. The blue boy is lovely Ilse!
    I'm starting to make scarves these days and wonder how do you make your fringing so neat?

    thank you x