zondag 15 december 2013


Today was good for the start of a new scarf, a blue one again.
Still busy with designing the warp, that always takes some time,
but in my way of working, it's a really important part.
It took me a while to get back to my everlasting scarfproject,
but when the need isn't there, 
I just need to respect a pause.
But today I got that itchy feeling... :-)

On my new loom there's a new project, not a scarf,
and something for me this time.
Still busy with weaving samples, so more about it later.
I'm just getting to know my Arm Patronic loom,
so it's not a complex type of fabric.
Weaving with a dobby loom is completely new to me,
but it's really my cup of tea...
It still feels strange I need electricity for weaving! :-)

Longing for the christmas vacation.
Quite some weaving plans...

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  1. So looking forward to seeing your next projects in the dobby loom! Good luck!