zaterdag 8 maart 2014


Icelandic Designer Jet Korine works with an innate sense of colour,
line and form that reflect an inner-world of defined creative thought in design.
Together they coalesce as a totally individual style
that is simultaneously bespoke, inexplicably new and undeniably hers.

Her winter 09’ collection of coats- desgined to be worn
in a variety of ways- as a blanket, a wrap, a cape,
a hooded cloak- it is made clear that Jet Korine’s work is concerned
with very high level of lateral thinking not only in the definition of a garment,
but also in the potential of a garment and ultimately the longevity of a garment;
ideas completely at odds with many current fashion trends and design.
This Collection ‘#02 Life Coat’ boldy marks her design concept
with these different motives- as the title suggests-
it is a garment designed to last a lifetime.
The materials selected for this work equally laboured over-
on one hand ‘#02 Life Coat’ is organic and beautiful-
detail all individually dyed and hand sewn,
and yet it is infinitely tough and thoroughly capable of enduring
the wear and tear of a ‘life’.

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