vrijdag 25 juli 2014


I must admit,
I wanted this one myself...
But it's delivered to one happy birthday girl.
She was the inspiration for the colours and the graphics,
so she deserves it!

Vacation has started,
but it hasn't been all fun and sun.
We had to say goodbye to our cat Roschka.
Roschka was 16 years old,
15 years long she was here at our home.
So strange how one can miss such little creature so much.
It feels like there's too much space in the house...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the variation on the scarf. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, I am going through the end with mine. She is 21 now and really slowing down.

    1. Hello Deanna,
      Oh I hope the cat will hold on quite a while, 21 years together! I always thought Roschka would get 20 or so. But then she got cancer...
      Enjoy your times with the cat!

  2. Hello Ilse,

    great design for the scarf. I would also wanted it for myself...
    I like all your weavings = inspiration !
    Sorry for your cat, mine was 15 1/2 year, but now theres a new little guy.