zondag 21 september 2014


That's the closest I get to black and white (and some grey).
The picture below is the scarf ready and drying in the sun,
so soon more pictures...
I have been sourcing for new materials and material suppliers
and the plan is to dye some wool myself.
Next week Jeffrey and I are driving to England,
on the hunt for wool.
So soon more pictures about that too!

Nothing (work and life) has been the same lately,
but I can't tell you more about that for now.
It's in a positive way, no worries.
Change is inevitable
and I'm floating on that wave.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Ilse,
    Ik heb je zojuist gevonden via de Flow. Je maakt prachtige sjaals! Mocht ik ooit in Brugge zijn, dan kom ik zeker bij je langs!
    Groetjes Maaike

  2. hello! just wanted to write to say i am so in love with your weavings. a few months ago, you inspired me to try it myself, so i bought a small table loom. it's going ok, not great, but it does give me even more appreciation for what you do (setting it up takes sooooo long!).
    in case i give up, is there anywhere in the US where your goods are for sale? :)