woensdag 25 maart 2015


News Part One:
My work is selected for De Invasie Toont,
Two scarves will be in the exhibition,
from 7 may, in the Design Museum in Ghent!

News Part Two:
My work is selected for Nationa(a)l, the pop-up vitrine on Belgian talent:

"Belgium and its emerging creative talents are the central topics of our debate. 
The richness of this nationally spread cultural event lies in the event itself, 
and it is even more interesting to notice how this event actually reflects reality. 
We also see Nationa(a)l as a proponent of an intelligent exhibiting and curating process. 
Nationa(a)l stands for first-rate and carefully selected content that comes to life. 
Nationa(a)l is a guarantee for quality in the cultural sector 
and works with the simple  and pure aim of letting you discover it."
From 8 - 17 may 2015 in Brussels!
(Many thanks to Linda Van Waesberge for selecting me.)

The pictures above show my experiments for the small collection I will show in Brussels.
Summer textiles in summer colours.
And in linen.

I'm excited.

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