woensdag 20 februari 2013


I 'met' Erin, her loom and her beautiful tapestries on Instagram.
What I like about her work is the friction between her technique and the content of the work.
Check her site and her blog, quite a job she does...

"Riley’s tapestries, in a modern-day twist of this theme, 
depict young women offering sexual imagery of themselves, 
but unlike Philomela, who sacrifices what is left of her modesty 
to tell the tale of her suffering with the view of getting justice, 
the young women in Riley’s tapestries appear to have sacrificed 
their modesty without any coercion and with very little care for the potential fallout. 
In some ways, I see Riley’s hand-woven tapestries as a proxy for these girls, 
giving voice to an unconscious victim. 
Riley weaves her sorrow, her rage, and her accusation into the work 
and perhaps she directs her response to both the young women 
who blindly participate in their own objectification 
and the male-centric culture which encourages them. 
The work is simultaneously sad and funny, protective and accusatory. 
In short, Riley’s tapestries reveal that uncomfortable disconnect 
between the feminine and female sexuality, 
forcing the viewer to consider the validity of such notions." 
(text taken from her website)

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  1. Hello ! I discovered your blog few days ago, it's very inspiring. And about ErinMRiley I think it also she does a very good job. I would try to make a small tapestry with my loom but I still don't know how to draw into the warp. I'll investigate ;) Happy thursday!