vrijdag 8 februari 2013


Through the blog of my former weaving teacher Annie Devriese,
I learned about the work of tapestry weaver Silvia Heyden.
Instantly I bought the dvd A Weaverly Path,
about the life and work of Silvia.

Kenny Dalsheimer’s A Weaverly Path captures a privileged
and intimate slice of time observing Silvia Heyden,
providing an unprecedented opportunity to see and hear
what she experiences during a period of deep involvement with her Muse, the Eno River.
Heyden’s quest is not to weave a representational depiction of the river,
but to interpret the river’s fluid patterns, shapes, sounds,
and ever-changing nature, to represent its movement and flow with the yarns of her tapestries.
Heyden expresses her current philosophy in regard to tapestry weaving 
as having expanded greatly from what she originally described in her book, 
stating that she expects it to continue changing as long as she is alive and able to weave. 
She believes strongly that tapestry exists as its own art form 
which should not be compared to paintings or created from drawings or photographs, 
but which should instead evolve by looking at the world through “weaver’s eyes”. 
(Text taken from here.)

50 years of weaving...
Still a long way ahead of me :-)

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