zondag 19 mei 2013





Last weekend Jeffrey had to deliver a sofa in Saint-Forget,
not that far from Paris. The sofa was for a beautiful house designed by Le Corbusier,
and the cat you see in the picture above is Jacob, living in that house,
surrounded by that beautiful garden, with the water running through it...
We had the pleasure to sleep in a cabane in the garden, also designed by mister Le Corbusier.
This is the sofa-story on Jeffreys blog:

Ofcourse we visitied the Paris, being so close.
We just walked and walked and enjoyed the sun, crepes, coffee, wine and some shopping.

At home, I just have been doing small stuff on my loom.
The piece you see above was just some leftover warp from Lilou's scarf,
and now I'm selecting colours for a summerscarf.

And again I have a question!
This summer Jeffrey and I are planning a summertrip to Finland.
Does anyone have tips for nice things to do/see there,
textile and not-textile related? :-)
We are going by car and taking our bikes for three weeks.
Hope to hear from you!

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  1. Hi, nice things happening there, you were very lucky to have stayed in such place.
    When are you to arrive? I am from Finland and can try to think some travel tips for you. What´s your e-mail address? Mine is niina@middlegrays.com.