donderdag 30 mei 2013


Some blogposts ago I told you I made this book about my work,
to try to win a prize.
Every four years the Province of West-Flanders
rewards people for their work of the last four years in arts and crafts
like ceramics, paper, glass, textiles...
Together with ceramist Lut Laleman I am laureate of the competition,
meaning we get 2500 euros and a silver plaquette.
No need to say I am very very happy and very very honoured with this reward,
and also quite surprised...
It gives a big boost of confidence and a good feeling about what I am doing
and what I feel like doing in the future with my weaving.
So, I would like to thank the jury that rewarded me,
and the Province of West-Flanders for supporting the arts and crafts.

Jeffrey and I danced around the kitchen when we read the letter pictured above.
Friends gave me a crown and flowers.
I'm a happy weaver :-)

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