donderdag 23 september 2010


Black and orange,
two colours I would have never matched myself.
Someone asked me to,
and now I understand why...

The scarf is very flashy,
the colour orange is much warmer than the pictures show.
The scarf is also very big,
he weighs 651 grams. :-)
And last but not least, the scarf is soft,
the black yarn is alpaca!

Again one like scarf 43.
He keeps haunting me...

dinsdag 21 september 2010


Weaving scarf 57 has finished!
The cat (that's Lucky) is happy with the new weavingspace and sofa!
The drawing is finished, at last!

Pictures of 57 soon,
the orange is much brighter in real life...

zaterdag 18 september 2010


Cochae are a graphic design unit based in Tokyo
and run by Yosuke Jikuhara and Miki Takeda.
Origami is the basis of their designs and together
they explore ways of taking it beyond traditional
Japanese paper folding...

donderdag 16 september 2010


Judith Scott (1943-2005) was a powerful visual artist,
who was isolated from outside influences through
the combined impact of deafness and Down Syndrome.
Very independent and self-directed,
she was endlessly creative and never repeated a form or color scheme.
Crafting armatures of bamboo slats or other discarded materials,
she wrapped these forms with lengths of knotted cloth or yarn.

Judith was introduced to fiber art in 1987 at Creative Growth Art Center,
and produced a remarkable body of wrapped sculptures.
Roger Cardinal and John MacGregor, internationally known scholars
and experts in the field, have both designated Judith an exceptional “outsider artist”
as her sculptures reflect little cultural input and are highly individualistic,
reflecting Judith’s own unique personal vision.
Many will argue that Judith Scott should be viewed simply as an exceptional artist.
That she was also disabled, while making her story all the more remarkable,
has little bearing on her art itself.

donderdag 9 september 2010


Scarf 56 is a new version of scarf 43.
Big and soft and explosive.
Still one of my own favourites...
My boyfriend is the model,
but the scarf is also suitable for girls. :-)

woensdag 8 september 2010

donderdag 2 september 2010


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