zaterdag 30 oktober 2010


I like this moment,
cutting the warp.
Just then I can unwrap the scarf from my loom
and see it completely.
Up till now it always were pleasant surprises...
Also this one :-)

woensdag 27 oktober 2010


maandag 25 oktober 2010


Nr. 58!

woensdag 20 oktober 2010


Strange story, beautiful colors...

Photographs by David Maisel of the cremated remains of mental patients, stored in copper canisters on pine shelves.

“Over time . . . the canisters have begun to react chemically with the human ashes held inside them; this has thus created mold-like mineral outgrowths on the exterior surfaces of these otherwise gleaming cylinders.”

“. . . each canister holds a corpse – reduced to dust, certainly, burnt to handfuls of ash, sharing that cindered condition with much of the star-bleached universe, but still cadaverous, still human. What strange chemistries we see emerging here between man and metal. Because these were people; they had identities and family histories, long before they became nameless patients, encased in metal, catalytic.”

“Dust is a peculiar substance. Less a material in its own right, with its own characteristics or color, dust is a condition. It is the “result of the divisibility of matter,” Joseph Amato writes in his book Dust: A History of the Small and the Invisible. Dust is a potpourri of ingredients, varied to the point of indefinability.”

Via TeenAngster.

donderdag 14 oktober 2010


More info on Fransje Killaars (in English) here.
(only in Dutch)


The first picture shows my first loom.
It is built here in Belgium,
and has 8 shafts.
The other two were bought secondhand,
they have 4 shafts.
Working on the two big ones at the moment...

zondag 10 oktober 2010


"Geometry of Circles" is a series of
unnumbered animation pieces created
for Sesame Street in 1979 with music by Philip Glass.

The shorts consist of the movement of six circles
(each with a different color of the rainbow)
that are formed by and split up into various geometric patterns.


By Takashi Iwasaki!

zondag 3 oktober 2010


First picture:
On 16 and 17 october I am participating in "Buren Bij Kunstenaars",
(Neighbours with artists).
So you can ring my bell and visit my weavingstudio.
All details here.

Second picture:
On sundays 7 + 14 november and 5 + 12 december you can also stop by,
from 13:00 till 18:00h!

zaterdag 2 oktober 2010


2D becomes 3D...
made by money.less,
a graffiti artist living in Milano, Italy.
You can find more of his work here!
Check out this movie.

Want one in my livingroom :-)