vrijdag 25 juli 2014


I must admit,
I wanted this one myself...
But it's delivered to one happy birthday girl.
She was the inspiration for the colours and the graphics,
so she deserves it!

Vacation has started,
but it hasn't been all fun and sun.
We had to say goodbye to our cat Roschka.
Roschka was 16 years old,
15 years long she was here at our home.
So strange how one can miss such little creature so much.
It feels like there's too much space in the house...

zaterdag 12 juli 2014


I was ready in time for this 50th birthday.
Colours that will suit fall and winter,
and now even summer,
as it's very rainy and cold here in Belgium.
I hope the sun is coming back from next week,
then my holidays start.
+ This weekend I want to finish this project. 
+ This holiday will be one of new projects and thinking of the future,
one month of thinking... :-)

Have a happy weekend!