woensdag 27 november 2013


Tomorrow is the big day.
I'm driving with some last pieces for the exhibition to the old church in Vichte.
And sunday is even an bigger day,
then it's the opening of the event,
you can read about it here (in Dutch).

I had to ask friends and customers for their scarves,
or their wallworks. They are very nice people,
lending me back my work for quite a while...
It's always nice to have old pieces back home,
so I can learn about how they are used,
and how my design and use of materials reacts to that usage.

The nerves are getting bigger and bigger,
and also my curiosity of seeing it all together.
I worked with photographer Nele Van Canneyt for pictures of 5 people
and their scarf, I will show you more about that later.

Oh, and meet my new loom!
Up and running, 24 shafts, still testing and learning,
a whole new way of thinking and designing,
but I like it.

zaterdag 9 november 2013


Here you are.
A blue boy with a red square.

Some people who order a scarf have lots of patience.
Hm, they have to have a lot of patience.
And I want to thank them for that...
Every scarf takes the time it needs,
and sometimes other projects come along.
And then orders have to wait and wait and wait.
But I have learned not to worry about it anymore.
The day people don't wait anymore,
is the day for weaving my own scarf...

It's a question I get a lot,
in what (web)shop my scarves are for sale.
That shop does not exist. :-)
I just make them on demand, people come by to pick colours,
and I make them a piece.
But that's only for very patiented people...

And now the rain may stop.