woensdag 24 december 2014

maandag 22 december 2014


“I take the approach of a watercolor painter with a limited palette,” he says.
He uses his natural fermented indigo for blues, purples, and greens.
Black walnut leaves and nuts make the browns;
madder root and cochineal the reds.
And grape leaves and weld provide the yellows.
He mixes and blends these to create a broad, vibrant rainbow.”

Greg King spins, dyes and weaves.
And makes me jeaulous.

Found here.

zaterdag 29 november 2014


Some of you know I have been working in a textile firm for quite a while now.
Starting from this january,
I quit my job to become ILSE ACKE completely,
as an independant textile designer.
You all know my weaving work the best,
but a big part of me is also a pattern designer.
Since the summer I have been drawing a collection of patterns,
because in february you can visit me in Paris at Premiere Vision,
were I will be selling my graphic and textile works.
But ofcourse, anyone in need of freelance textile advice/design
can just call me, mail me, visit me.

To say it with the words of Elvis:
It's now or never...

woensdag 26 november 2014


It's getting cold.
My sleeping little helper.
Weaving sample, yarn samples,
a slow proces to a new project.
The first of january is coming closer,
an important date...

zaterdag 22 november 2014


It has been ready for a week,
but it's new owner wanted complete suprise,
so I had to keep the pictures to myself.
It's 'mostly' blue and yellow,
but I dared to use pink, green, orange and white.
Hope you like it!

I'm off for a new adventure, it has to do with scarves,
but in a different way I am designing them now.
Also still busy in my drawing room every day,
making motifs for print, weave, ... 
My deadline for that adventure is february,
but that will become clear very soon.

Have a nice weekend!!


dinsdag 11 november 2014


With a little help from a little friend
I have been weaving and drawing.

before you go,
here's a video on Sheila Hicks:

donderdag 30 oktober 2014


I'm glad to be behind the loom again.
It has been a while.
This scarf is for a girl I was in school with a very long time ago,
but always nice to 'discover' each other again. :-)

The last picture shows the motif that will repeat now and then,
but there will be many other suprises...
(but don't mind the colour in that photograph,
taking pictures in the evening is risky business...)
I'm back to the loom now.
Before you leave, maybe watch this video.
The beauty of tapestry...


zondag 12 oktober 2014



They are installed!
The hotel opens next week as a part of Interieur 2014.
I had a sneak peak of the rooms
and I was impressed.

My curtains are inspired by the building itself.
When I walked through the rooms the first thing
that caught me were all the tiles and colours.
I took photographs of each room and selected all colours out of the pictures.
They became the vertical lines.
So (almost) each colour present in the building is present on the fabric.
I made for all 4 windows a different drawing of white lines on the coloured lines.
The drawing evolves from simple to complex,
but in subtle way.
The designs are digitally printed on cotton.

A real photoshoot is following,
I hope to give you more pictures!

woensdag 1 oktober 2014


As promised in my previous post,
the black and white scarf.
Our trip to England has been great:
we found a few suppliers of wool
and good materials to dye with,
so I'm ready to experiment.
We did beautiful walks in the Yorkshire Dales,
met lots of sheep, enjoyed wind and sun,
and ate and drank too much.
Since monday we also have a new little friend Tokio.
You can see her here. :-)
Our nephew found her on the street alone
and we couldn't resist...

Don't forget about Eyes/Nights Only,
my curtains are printed,
but haven't seen them yet,
so again more news next time! :-)

zondag 21 september 2014


That's the closest I get to black and white (and some grey).
The picture below is the scarf ready and drying in the sun,
so soon more pictures...
I have been sourcing for new materials and material suppliers
and the plan is to dye some wool myself.
Next week Jeffrey and I are driving to England,
on the hunt for wool.
So soon more pictures about that too!

Nothing (work and life) has been the same lately,
but I can't tell you more about that for now.
It's in a positive way, no worries.
Change is inevitable
and I'm floating on that wave.