dinsdag 30 november 2010


"Woolfiller repairs holes and hides stains in woollen jumpers,
cardigans, jackets and carpets, for example. How?
Through embracing the specific character of wool.
The fibres of wool contain miniscule scales which
open up when they are pricked with a felt needle.
The open scales bind with each other and will not be separated.
Not even in the wash.
Woolfiller can be used with a special machine or with the hand.
It is simple, sustainable and satisfying.
A new solution for an age old problem.

Woolfiller evolved from out the simple wish to repair
a hole in a woollen jumper.
However, Woolfiller is more than a simple solution.
Woolfiller fills the gap between an older tradition
of handwork and contemporary design and as
a result forms a meeting point
for diverse projects and collaborations."

Woolfiller on facebook
The Woolfiller website!

zondag 28 november 2010


It had to be red and black...
Had some difficulties in the beginning,
adapting to the combination of these two colours.
But it worked out!
You get warm just by looking at it! :-)

woensdag 24 november 2010


"Made from clothes and other domestic effects
accrued over decades, Bourgeois’s fabric drawings
are abstract yet acutely personal works,
retaining allusions to the materials’ past incarnations."

maandag 22 november 2010


"In the autumn the MHKA will be holding
a solo exhibition by Craigie Horsfield,
one of the leading artists in the field of
social projects in contemporary art as we know them today.
His work has opened significant conceptions
in the thinking of community and the individual within
much of the practice of such projects.
The presentation of Horsfield’s work at the M HKA
concentrates on the tapestries the artist has been
making for several years in close cooperation with Flanders Tapestries."

I could not look close enough,
you can see that in my pictures.
When you are in Antwerp, just go!



Working on scarf 59!

dinsdag 9 november 2010


The Spanish carpet manufacturer Nanimarquina
presents this video which describes the production
and the artisanry of their skilled workers in India.

On the basis of this premise, in 1994 several companies
that imported carpets from India, Nepal and Pakistan
founded the Care & Fair organisation.
Its principal objective: to eradicate child labour
from the carpet manufacturing industry in these areas.
Nanimarquina has been a member of Care & Fair
since the outset and can therefore guarantee
that no child labour has been used in the production of their rugs.

So many people involved in the making of one carpet...

maandag 1 november 2010


... there is also some action on loom nr. 2!