vrijdag 27 december 2013


These are the pictures taken for the exhibition in Vichte.
The photographer was Nele van Canneyt, 
her 'assignment' was portraying 5 people and their own scarf.
I wasn't present at the photoshoots but I like 
how she has captured everyone in their own personal way
and how she shows the textiles in a totally different style than mine.
Because of budget reasons I never worked with a photographer before,
maybe something to think about in the future...
Hope you like the pictures as much as I do!
And now back to my loom!

dinsdag 24 december 2013


A merry
and a happy

zondag 22 december 2013


"Amy Revier weaves to make one of a kind garments entirely by hand.
The cloth for every garment is handwoven in her London weaving cottage on a traditional floor loom. Yarn of exceptional quality is handspun in Japan,
where it is made in small quantities and naturally dyed.
Once the cloth is woven, garments are cut and hand stitched by a single tailor.
No two garments are alike. Textiles and garments are made specially with the intended store in mind. Collections are on a non-seasonal, ongoing basis,
and delivered in small quantites throughout the year.
Making in this form, from thread to cloth to garment, demands devotion and patience.
Amy Revier values longevity, simplicity, evidence of the hand, a love of labour, and tradition. 
Each garment is meant to reflect the plain beauty of well made things. 
The weaving cottage is based in London, UK. 
Garments are currently stocked in London at Dover Street Market & Hostem. 
In addition, pieces from the archive & custom garments may be ordered directly from the studio workspace."

You can find more work of Amy on her new website http://www.amyrevier.com
She also has an inspiring blog: http://fininawasteofwaters.tumblr.com/

zondag 15 december 2013


Today was good for the start of a new scarf, a blue one again.
Still busy with designing the warp, that always takes some time,
but in my way of working, it's a really important part.
It took me a while to get back to my everlasting scarfproject,
but when the need isn't there, 
I just need to respect a pause.
But today I got that itchy feeling... :-)

On my new loom there's a new project, not a scarf,
and something for me this time.
Still busy with weaving samples, so more about it later.
I'm just getting to know my Arm Patronic loom,
so it's not a complex type of fabric.
Weaving with a dobby loom is completely new to me,
but it's really my cup of tea...
It still feels strange I need electricity for weaving! :-)

Longing for the christmas vacation.
Quite some weaving plans...

woensdag 27 november 2013


Tomorrow is the big day.
I'm driving with some last pieces for the exhibition to the old church in Vichte.
And sunday is even an bigger day,
then it's the opening of the event,
you can read about it here (in Dutch).

I had to ask friends and customers for their scarves,
or their wallworks. They are very nice people,
lending me back my work for quite a while...
It's always nice to have old pieces back home,
so I can learn about how they are used,
and how my design and use of materials reacts to that usage.

The nerves are getting bigger and bigger,
and also my curiosity of seeing it all together.
I worked with photographer Nele Van Canneyt for pictures of 5 people
and their scarf, I will show you more about that later.

Oh, and meet my new loom!
Up and running, 24 shafts, still testing and learning,
a whole new way of thinking and designing,
but I like it.

zaterdag 9 november 2013


Here you are.
A blue boy with a red square.

Some people who order a scarf have lots of patience.
Hm, they have to have a lot of patience.
And I want to thank them for that...
Every scarf takes the time it needs,
and sometimes other projects come along.
And then orders have to wait and wait and wait.
But I have learned not to worry about it anymore.
The day people don't wait anymore,
is the day for weaving my own scarf...

It's a question I get a lot,
in what (web)shop my scarves are for sale.
That shop does not exist. :-)
I just make them on demand, people come by to pick colours,
and I make them a piece.
But that's only for very patiented people...

And now the rain may stop.

vrijdag 25 oktober 2013


Thank God it's friday!
Tomorrow Jeffrey and I are visiting Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven,
ready for some design inspiration...
Yesterday I finished weaving the blue scarf,
now I have to do some finishing touches before it can be worn by it's owner.
So more pictures later!
Every time I make a new scarf it feels like it's the 'best' one I have ever made.
Probably because I keep searching for the best materials and new techniques,
but with quite some weaving experience.
I think I'm weaving for 8 or 9 years now...
And still so much to do.

The first 4 pictures are about a remake of this project:
You remember I have won a prize?
On the first of december 2013 an exhibition will open,
with the work of all prize winners.
I need some new placemats for this event,
have to weave 15 meters this time!
I will keep you posted about the exhibition!

One more thing,

vrijdag 11 oktober 2013


Back to my summer vacation!
We drove by car to Finland, so we passed through Sweden.
In Stockholm I saw all these woven treasures
in the textile gallery of Nordiska muséet.
There you have drawers full of knitted, woven, embroidered fabrics
and many other techniques.
Needless to say I went crazy and examined every drawer in the room...

Still working on the blue scarf.
And thinking of new things to do.
Other then scarves.
Or not just scarves on demand,
but like a collection, with a story.
On my pinterest I have a board called
"One day I'll weave a coat".
That would be just great!

things have to change sometimes.
And I need change.
But I have never been a fast one,
so there's still some scarves coming up.