vrijdag 25 oktober 2013


Thank God it's friday!
Tomorrow Jeffrey and I are visiting Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven,
ready for some design inspiration...
Yesterday I finished weaving the blue scarf,
now I have to do some finishing touches before it can be worn by it's owner.
So more pictures later!
Every time I make a new scarf it feels like it's the 'best' one I have ever made.
Probably because I keep searching for the best materials and new techniques,
but with quite some weaving experience.
I think I'm weaving for 8 or 9 years now...
And still so much to do.

The first 4 pictures are about a remake of this project:
You remember I have won a prize?
On the first of december 2013 an exhibition will open,
with the work of all prize winners.
I need some new placemats for this event,
have to weave 15 meters this time!
I will keep you posted about the exhibition!

One more thing,

vrijdag 11 oktober 2013


Back to my summer vacation!
We drove by car to Finland, so we passed through Sweden.
In Stockholm I saw all these woven treasures
in the textile gallery of Nordiska muséet.
There you have drawers full of knitted, woven, embroidered fabrics
and many other techniques.
Needless to say I went crazy and examined every drawer in the room...

Still working on the blue scarf.
And thinking of new things to do.
Other then scarves.
Or not just scarves on demand,
but like a collection, with a story.
On my pinterest I have a board called
"One day I'll weave a coat".
That would be just great!

things have to change sometimes.
And I need change.
But I have never been a fast one,
so there's still some scarves coming up.

donderdag 3 oktober 2013


Just workplace shots.
My loom is waiting for a blue warp.
And my fingers and mind are itchy for some serious weaving.