zaterdag 29 september 2012


Today is the last day of the exhibition in Brussels.
It was a great opportunity to show our work during Design September!
Weaving this mini collection of interior objects was quite different
from weaving scarves,
but it was a step forward for my way of working.
Weaving scarves is all about freewheeling, freedom,
and taking my time to make something beautiful.
In this project I had to think more practical and time was limited...

For those who did not make it to Brussels,
27 and 28 october we are showing/selling everything on
The Battle of Interieur Kortrijk 2012.
Hope to see you there!

And here some other pictures of KLEUR:
The Word

donderdag 13 september 2012


Wallpiece 'cyan'

Karina at work

the shop window

Woot Woot table and blocks

the boyfriend at work :-)


the yellow part

Our exhibition KLEUR has started last friday night!
Here you see some pictures of the preparations.
I had a good time,
together with Kelly from La Fabrika,
Jeffrey (the boyfriend) and Karina and Vincent from Studio Woot Woot.
This weekend I will be taking pictures of all my weavings there,
so you have to be a little patient.
Jeffrey and I worked hard for this event,
so if you are in the neighbourhood,
do stop by at La Fabrika (Brussels) and let us know what you think!