zaterdag 26 februari 2011


This warp is going on my loom tomorrow!
Blue - grey - white - petrol and a dash of fuschia...
Good for two scarves!

donderdag 24 februari 2011


Seizure, Male, 25 years old

Heart Attack, Female, 60 years old

Suicide with Gun, Male, 40 years old (II)

Suicide with Gun, Male, 40 years old

Heart Attack, Male, 50 years old (II)

Illness, Female, 60 years old

Murder, Male, 40 years old (I)

Sarah Sudhoff is a photographer and educator based in Texas.
Of this series, she writes:
‘At the Hour of Our Death takes as its starting point
Aries’s observation that “death’s invisibility enhances its terror”.
These large-scale color photographs capture and fully illuminate
swatches of bedding, carpet and upholstery marked with the signs
of the passing of human life.
The fabrics which are first removed by a trauma scene clean up crew,
are relocated to a warehouse before being incinerated.
It is in the warehouse that I photograph these fragments
stained with bodily fluids.
I tack each swatch to the wall and use the crew’s floodlights
to illuminate the scene. The images are my attempt to slow
the moments before and after death to a single frame,
to allow what is generally invisible to become visible,
and to engage with a process from which we have become disconnected’.

Found here.

donderdag 10 februari 2011




weaving this

on my shelf

sheila hicks

the apple

my shoes

luis barragan textile print I made a very long time ago

some piece I made a long time ago

the chair

Anni Albers

my courreges dress

le corbusier

the end (fresh painted livingroom floor :-)

zondag 6 februari 2011


It had to be a scarf with a lot of blue and black,
colours of our local soccer team :-)
But ofcourse I added some other colours,
could not help myself.
Hope you can wear him for a long time Frank,
happy birthday! :-)

dinsdag 1 februari 2011


The egg-shaped mobile home
by twenty-four year old Dai Haifei
is a response to Beijing's soaring rental prices.
Haifie, a recent architecture school graduate, has designed
and lived in this temporary unit for the last two months.
The 'egg', measuring six feet in height
sits on two wheels and is constructed
from basket woven bamboo splints.
The exterior features a patchwork of small sacks
containing seeds of grass that will grow
to eventually provide insulation.
A south facing solar panel 'provides' power
to a single lamp on the inside.
During the day, natural daylight enters
through an opening in the ceiling.
The entrance can be propped open
to facilitate natural ventilation.

Found here,
more pictures here.