dinsdag 25 maart 2014


Just a giant pom pom by Eleanor Davies...
Check her website for other inspiring work!

Over 200 Beautiful Colours, 2011-12
Wool, newspaper and rope.

vrijdag 14 maart 2014


More weft than warp.

Weaving a fabric for a bag,
a bag for me...
The boyfriend has lots of leftover leather,
so we're constructing the bag together.
If I ever finish this piece.
Strange how I always struggle with personal projects.
That's probably why I haven't made myself a scarf,
too much choice I guess... :-)

Happy weekend,
I will be weaving here if you're looking for me!

zaterdag 8 maart 2014


Icelandic Designer Jet Korine works with an innate sense of colour,
line and form that reflect an inner-world of defined creative thought in design.
Together they coalesce as a totally individual style
that is simultaneously bespoke, inexplicably new and undeniably hers.

Her winter 09’ collection of coats- desgined to be worn
in a variety of ways- as a blanket, a wrap, a cape,
a hooded cloak- it is made clear that Jet Korine’s work is concerned
with very high level of lateral thinking not only in the definition of a garment,
but also in the potential of a garment and ultimately the longevity of a garment;
ideas completely at odds with many current fashion trends and design.
This Collection ‘#02 Life Coat’ boldy marks her design concept
with these different motives- as the title suggests-
it is a garment designed to last a lifetime.
The materials selected for this work equally laboured over-
on one hand ‘#02 Life Coat’ is organic and beautiful-
detail all individually dyed and hand sewn,
and yet it is infinitely tough and thoroughly capable of enduring
the wear and tear of a ‘life’.


zondag 2 maart 2014


Time flies.
The exhibition has ended,
all pictures, scarves, wallworks and the loom are back home.
Time to make (compostable) placemats of the 15 metres newspaper cloth.
Soon for sale here on the blog!