woensdag 24 april 2013


Working on a scarf for Lilou, the sister of Lux.
There's also a dress to match, but more about that later.

Also have been making a book about my work,
for a competition involving arts and crafts
and a big price to win.
Hope more about that later too! :-)

I'm enjoying spring
and taking it easy.
My body gave me a warning,
so I have to listen I guess.
And still enjoying HOME,
even from the outside of the building...

zondag 14 april 2013


Pictures of the panels I promised!
I visited the house yesterday afternoon,
and it really is a 'shadowplayer', 
I could stay there all day and take pictures 
of the shadows it makes on the floor and ceiling.
You can see each panel on this Pinterest board,
or on my Flickr.

The panels are for sale,
so if anyone is interested in buying one of them,
they're 100 euro each, 
but check the pictures, some are already sold.
My email is ilse.acke@telenet.be if someone has questions! :-)

Now I am off for some colour picking at my atelier,
ready to start weaving again! 

dinsdag 9 april 2013


zaterdag 6 april 2013


Here it is and it is called HOME.
84 panels, handwoven and industrial woven, 
based on the work of Ryoji Ikeda.
I made a visual library of the work of Ryoji,
and took that as an inspiration for the handweaving.
While weaving I took pictures of the proces,
made abstractions of these pictures, and those are industrially produced.
In that way you have a contrast between the 'simple' handwoven works,
and the more 'complex' photographic industrial pieces.
It is all about weaving being transformed into 'data' and 
then being woven again. 

Jeffrey made panels with these fabrics and they are mounted on other big panels,
the base for the construction.
But why this construction?
You can easily hang these panels on a wall, I know,
but I wanted to show the backsides too.
Because weavings (I think) have very interesting and surprising backsides,
showing new graphics and the negative of the front.
So we came up with a this little architectural 'space',
built in the bigger space of the beautiful Concerthall of Bruges.
Inside you can see the backsides, but also threads with porcelain.
These are the soundmakers. You can touch them with your hands,
and make 'music' yourself.

In next posts I will show more detail of the weaving + 
coming up is a new blog to show pictures of every panel.
The work is for sale, as a whole,
or we will sell all the panels piece by piece.
All depends on the interest...
But for now we are enjoying the work as being finished
and leading a life of its own.
The next step has been taken.
Still gratefull for the opportunity we were given by De Invasie

enjoy :-)

(All pictures copyright Paul Lamont)

woensdag 3 april 2013


But I'm keeping it secret till friday.
Jeffrey and I are very pleased with the result.
It was again nice working together.
I have the best boyfriend :-)